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The Complete Double Ender Keg Tap System | komplettes Zapf-Set

The Complete "Double Ender" Beer Tap System

  • The "Double Ender" Spear with ball lock posts for gas and liquid and a bleed valve.
  • The professional quality set and forget mini regulator with plastic disconnect.
  • The brass and chrome "Brumby" style beer tap with plastic disconnect.
  • Optional Upgrades:
    • the disconnects from the included plastic ones to all steel disconnects with 5 year warranty
    • the chrome and brass included brumby tap to the all steel premium tap
    • To use this system with the insulated growler you need a growler adapter available here

The "Double Ender" Spear

  • All steel construction with heavy duty silicon seals (a full set of replacements is included)
  • Bleed valve for releasing over pressure and flushing the keg with CO2
  • Gas ball lock post with valve for easy connection and disconnection of the regulator at any point.
  • Liquid ball lock post with valve for easy connection and disconnection of the tap at any point.
  • Uses a flexible beer line for a dip tube, easy to clean and replace when needed

The Professional Mini Regulator

  • Comes with adapters for 16g and 74g disposable CO2 cartridges
  • True set and forget pressure regulation, will maintain the set psi indefinetely
  • Get a perfect pour every time without having to constantly make adjustments
  • Perfect for force carbonating home brew.
  • Optional adapters available for Soda Stream and full size 2.6 and 6kg CO2 bottles

The Chrome Brumby Tap

  • Chrome coated brass construction
  • Used in bar and pubs all over the world
  • Attractive looking with standard replaceable handle

Does NOT include a mini keg or growler, this price is for the tap, spear and regulator alone.