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Professional Quality Portable CO2 Regulator | CO2 Druckregler

Mini CO2 Regulator

 Newly Upgraded to 60psi rather than 30 psi means much faster force carbonation!


 These are very high quality mini CO2 regulators. 

These professional grade regulators are set and forget. Once you set the pressure, at 5psi for example, the regulator will maintain the keg at that internal pressure for days or weeks. When you pour a beer the regulator will inject CO2 from the canister to keep the pressure steady.

The huge benefit of this is that there is no constant adjustments necessary as you pour or between pouring beers. These regulators make it easy for anybody to pour a beer from your system so are perfect for parties, bbqs, beach days etc.

The outlet that comes installed allows you to use standard threaded 16g CO2 cartridges (we sell packs of 10 for 17.50 Euro here) but you can also buy a Sodastream bottle adapter. After initial purchase Sodastream bottles cost about 15 Euro to refill and hold the equivalent of 25 x 16g disposable cartridges.

The outlet of the mini regulator fits directly onto our picnic tap spear but needs an M8 to MFL Swivel Adapter to fit onto a gas disconnect for connection to ball lock posts.

To protect your regulator consider getting one of our gas disconnects with a built in check valve. These prevent any liquid coming out of the keg and into the regulator which will ruin it. This is especially a concern if you want to force carbonate with the keg lying down as if the gas runs out there is nothing to stop beer flowing out the disconnect into the regulator.


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