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Double Ball Lock Keg and Growler Spear | "The Double-Ender" | Zapfkopf mit NC Anschlüssen

Gas and Liquid Ball Lock Spear "The Double-Ender"

"Fills both the wet and gas holes with a steel pole..."

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Has a ball lock post for the liquid and gas for easy connection and disconnection of the tap and regulator.
  • Has an over pressure bleed valve with automatic and manual operation.
  • Can be used with any of the tap options and any of the gas system options.
  • Uses flexible beer line for a dip tube (can be used lying down)
  • Has valves in both posts so tap and gas can be removed without losing pressure or spilling beer.
  • Same connections as the 19L "Dominator" corny keg so can be joined together in a daisy chain or do keg-keg transfers.
  • Use to counter-pressure fill from kegs and force carbonating home brew, the most versatile spear by far.
  • Use either standard plastic disconnects or our premium steel disconnects to attach the tap and regulator.
  • Needs an adaptor to be used with the 2L Insulated Growler, get it here.
  • Spear Only, Does Not Include Tap or Gas System

Download an information pack about the tap system here


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