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Cold Brew Coffee Maker 9L | iKegger


  • 12L Cold Brewing Vessel (makes up to 9L of cold brew)
  • 25 Micron Nylon Coffee Pouch (with double stitching and drawstring close)
  • Get spare pouches here
  • Easy Pour Tap (with internal and external silicon seals)
  • Click Close Lid (with removable, washable seal)
  • Perforated Raised Platform (raises pouch off the bottom and allows it to drain).
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 27cm x 28.7cm

Usage Directions:

  • Ensure tap is secure and turned off.
  • Place perforated platform into the base of the bucket to allow coffee to drain out of the pouch when pouring.
  • Place re-usable 25 micron coffee pouch into bucket (like a bin liner)
  • Weigh 50-80gr of coarse ground coffee per litre of cold brew you want to make into the pouch.
  • Fill with required amount of cold water while ensuring you wet all grounds.
  • Close lid and wait 12 hours (storing in fridge or at room temperature).
  • Pour brewed coffee from tap directly into glass or use included funnel to fill
  • For nitro coffee or espresso martinis pour into an iKegger Nitro Keg Package

Download an Instruction Manual for Cold Brew Maker Here

Coffee grounds in the 25 micron mesh pouch

Package with lid closed for brewing

Included is a funnel for filling kegs, botles etc.

The platform prevents needing to lift the pouch.

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