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Testing A Mini Regulator

We conduct this test on EVERY regulator before we send them to our customers.

  • The mini regulator is the most delicate part of our systems. The rest of the system is pretty much bullet proof and will last for generations.
  • By it's nature with a lot of small moving parts and susceptibility to damage by liquid you do need to be more careful with your handling of the mini regulator.
  • This is a quick video on how to test yours is working correctly if you suspect you have an issue.
  • Always check all connections in your system are tight and not leaking before leaving a regulator attached and turned on as you will quickly waste gas if there is one.
  • There is the possibility of leaks from the the adapter where the gas screws in and around the bolt labelled 1.8k on the rear, these two can be fixed by tightening those nuts.
  • A gas leak from under the black adjustment knob which you can find by using soapy water around the gap is a rare manufacturing fault that we find in approx 1 in every 500-600 regulators.

Testing Normal Operation Of Mini Regulator

Please Note: We know that there are many similar looking mini regulators on the market that are cheaper than our one. We have no problem asserting that these are inferior in every way.

  • We foolishly decided to order 120 of similar looking ones from our 2 major competitors when we were unable to obtain our own ones due to Covid.
  • It was a complete disaster. We ended up with more than 60 warranty claims within 2 weeks and having to issue a blanket apology to our customers and replace them all with our own ones once we could fly some in.
  • We have strict quality control at our factory and even then we still test every regulator ourselves before sending them.
  • Each of our regulators has a serial number laser engraved on it so we can track any batch issues.
  • We stand by our products 100% and will replace any manufacturing fault immediately.
  • As you can see from the genuine reviews below that our competitors don't have, our regulator is a very high quality device.



If there is a leak from the small pin hole which is right below the 1.8K  on the rear,most likely you have a bit of damage on the clear disc which sits inside the inlet around the pin, if the disc is damaged , canister wont seal and co2 will go in the chamber and will get dispensed from that small hole,

if you have the spare clear disc ( generally you receive it in the same box with regulator) , please  unscrew the inlet adaptor from the regulator and replace the disc , if you dont have the spare disc you can flip the disc and try again ,
regulators inlet seal.jpegregulators inlet seal flip.jpeg
If this doesn't help you can try to use one of the smallest black o rings you received as spares,  inside the inlet on the top of the clear disc to have better sealing .
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-01 at 07.55.42 (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2020-04-01 at 07.55.42 (1) (1).jpeg
PS :  please make sure not to tighten 16 g cartridge or sodastream bottle adapter into the regulators inlet too much , over tightening may damage the clear disc inside the inlet and again you may have the leak issue from the small hole at the back of the regulator , 

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