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The Espresso Martini Keg | Gift Package

What is the cost of an Espresso Martini at a bar?
Typically, it's around 13 €per glass, right?

This package makes 30 serves of tasty Espresso Martinis for 9.3 Euro each 😍

Price calculation is based on : The Keg Package price (242€) + 1L of Vodka (18€) + 1L Kahlua (18€) .

And you have the epic little keg system for a lifetime for many more Espresso Martini each will be costing around 2.5 Euros and you can make many other cocktails for really cheap.

Both options come with : 

★ The iKegger 2.0 push-button tap system

★ The iKegger 2.0 mini regulator

★ The Keg Stand (perfect for fridge placement)

★ The Mini Drip Tray

★ 1 x 10 pack of Nitrogen gas bulbs (enough for 3-4 kegs)

★ 1 x custom ice cube trays (1 tray for one keg)

★ Custom carry sleeve featuring a shoulder strap and pockets for spare gas bulbs

★ 1L of premium cold-brew coffee concentrate (valued at 25 Euro), makes  30  espresso martinis.

''The system can be used for any drinks > add CO2 bulbs for Carbonated drinks like Beer,Cider and many more.''

Please Note that this package doesn't include the Vodka and Kahlua.

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