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The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package

174 reviews

23L Home Brew Keg Package | Premium

Save Yourself All That Time & Effort Bottling Plus Have Homebrew On Tap Anywhere!

Brewing your own drinks is a great hobby... But we can all agree that bottling is painful.

  • Cleaning and sanitising them all

  • Priming and capping

  • Storing them all while waiting for secondary to finish

  • Breakages / explosions / variations in carbonation

  • Yeast sediment that sets like glue if you don't rinse immediately

  • The mess to clean up the day after mates come over

  • Having to cart a bunch of bottles to a bbq then bring them home

  • Rinsing them when you get home to avoid yeast glue

  • Starting all over again...

Check Out Why Using Our Keg Packages Is Super Easy!
Forget Bottling!

Why Bottle When Kegging Is SO Fast and Easy?

  • Only 2 vessels to clean & sanitise

  • No priming or capping

  • No long wait for carbonation (can carbonate in 15min!)

  • No breakages, explosions or variations in carbonation

  • Only a couple of glasses to clean after mates come over

  • An awesome mini keg that holds 12 beers to take with you

  • Bring home one clean empty keg instead of a bunch of yeasty bottles

The 23L Premium Home Brew Keg Package

Includes Our Highest Quality Components For A Super Easy To Use, Reliable System

Download an information sheet about this package here

Download the iKegger Instruction Manual

Carbonation Setup

Use to connect both kegs to the regulator at the same time, either to carbonate both or drink one while carbonating the other.


Daisy Chain Setup

Use when both kegs have been filled, carbonated and you can keep both kegs in a fridge.


  • The gas pushes beer from the large keg into the smaller keg and out the tap.
  • The smaller keg is always full and ready to take with you to the couch, park, or a bbq.
  • The large one empties first, allowing you to disconnect and clean it while continuing to drink the smaller keg (move the regulator to the smaller keg)

Transfer Setup

Use when you want to fill one keg from the other (if you can't fit the large keg in the fridge for instance).


  • Connect the mini regulator to the large keg.
  • Use a black-to-black connection to connect the 2 liquid posts.
  • Put the other gas disconnect on the mini keg gas post to allow air to escape as you fill.
  • Turn the regulator on to start the transfer.
  • You can use our flow stopper to automatically stop it when the keg fills otherwise disconnect the hoses when full.
  • See a video using the flow stopper here:

Portable Setup

Use when you want to take the mini keg away with you and leave the larger keg behind.


  • Connect the mini regulator directly to the mini keg with swivel connection (ensure it is tightened clockwise only!).
  • Use the Flow Control Tap for easy-to-use dispensing on the go.
  • Disconnect and leave the other bits at home
  • Put the keg into the insulation sleeve to keep the keg cold longer out of the fridge or esky.


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Cameron M.

Great Package!

After first using the mini keg to save some undercarbonated bottles, today I kegged my first full batch. Much faster and easier than bottling! I'm very satisfied with the quality of the gear; so much so, that I'm going to buy a second one.

Thimo N.
Germany Germany

So macht brauen Spaß!

Alles hat auf Anhieb super funktioniert. Nie wieder Flaschen waschen

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package Review
Simon S.
Germany Germany

Simply perfect!

This is the all-you-need-package for entering the kegging world. It's easy to use and clean, therefore a time saver, and worth each single cent!

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package Review
Sebastian K.
Germany Germany

Es sieht sehr edel und wertig aus.

Freu mich auf die erste Nutzung!

Klaus P.
Germany Germany

Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package

Very good, All parts fit and are coordinated with each other. I am very happy with it. That makes beer tapping fun.

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package Review