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Sick of Carying bottles and Cans around ?

Fill your keg instead and take it anywhere you go (you can also fill your keg from bottles,cans or with your home brew if desired).


Love hosting cocktail parties but not being stuck making them all night?

Make up batches in your keg and enjoy yourself with no morning cleanup!

Download some recipes here.


Think it's crazy to pay for soda water in plastic bottles?

Make your own for next to nothing and serve it on tap without the rubbish.

Alternatively just put in your G&T!


So cold at your desk you can't even concentrate?

Make a batch of coffee or tea and have it hot all day on tap in an insulated keg!

Or maybe a sneaky mulled stout?

Beer Brewing Manual

Beer Brewing Manual

6 min read

Making your own beer at home and filling it into your brand new keg can sound like a daunting task, but with a few easy steps and a bit of patience you can be enjoying your very own beer in just a couple of weeks.
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kombucha herstellen

Die 4 häufigsten Fehler beim Kombucha herstellen und wie Du sie vermeidest

4 min read

Kombucha - eine Quelle von Probiotika und Antioxidantien, welche die Gefahr von Herzerkrankungen verringert und angeblich sogar das Krebsrisiko mindert. Kein Wunder, dass sich Kombucha zu einem der beliebtesten gesunden Drinks von heute entwickelt hat
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Cans vs Bottles: Which is Best for Beer?

Cans vs Bottles: Which is Best for Beer?

4 min read

When it comes to beer, few things divide opinion more than the cans vs bottles debate! Join us as we take a closer look at both options.
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