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Fill your keg and take it anywhere you go (you can fill your keg from bottles, cans or with your home brew if desired).


Love hosting cocktail parties but not being stuck making them all night?

Make up batches in your keg and enjoy yourself with no morning cleanup!

Download some recipes here.


Think it's crazy to pay for soda water in plastic bottles?

Make your own for next to nothing and serve it on tap without the rubbish.

Alternatively just put in your G&T!


So cold at your desk you can't even concentrate?

Make a batch of coffee or tea and have it hot all day on tap in an insulated keg!

Or maybe a sneaky mulled stout?

How To Keg Your Beer ? The Benefits of Kegging

How To Keg Your Beer ? The Benefits of Kegging

3 min read

There are several benefits to kegging home brewed beer that make it an attractive option for home brewers. One of the most significant benefits is the ease of serving and dispensing beer. 
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Whiskey Sour With Ikegger

Whiskey Sour With Ikegger

2 min read

This vegan version of the Whiskey Sour batch recipe yields 1.12L of the cocktail, which is enough for about 8 servings on ice.
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How To Fix  A Foamy Beer Tap !

How To Fix A Foamy Beer Tap !

1 min read

If your beer tap is foaming, there are a few simple steps you can take to solve the problem.
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