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Standard Chrome Brumby Tap | Schankhahn verchromt | iKegger Deutschland

Keg Tap | Chrome Plated Brass "Brumby Tap"

This is the standard keg tap that comes with our steel spears. It is a "brumby" style keg tap (the most common style of metal tap around the world) and is made of chrome plated brass.
It is an attractive looking tap that is robustly constructed and will last a lifetime if it is well looked after.
We use these as our standard taps as they keep the cost of packages down, however, unlike our premium steel keg taps, they do need to be regularly maintained otherwise the tap mechanism can stick shut or you can develop an unpleasant tasting film inside the tap body.
This is not a problem, but for those who can't be bothered taking the taps apart and cleaning them at least every week or two the premium keg tap is a better option.
You are purchasing the tap by itself with a black resin handle.
It does not include the tap shank adapter used to connect it to the black plastic disconnect which in turn attaches to the double ender spear as pictured below.
keg tap chrome and brass on the ball lock spear 


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