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Kegerator Kit: 1-4 Taps For Use With Your Own Fridge Or Esky

Build your own kegerator, jockey box or keezer and be pouring a beer within the hour with this simple to install package. Easy as 1,2,3!

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Install A Beer Tap Anywhere You Like, Blow Your Mates Minds


Through Door Or Esky: This method means you drill a 23mm hole through your fridge door, keezer collar or esky and the tap attaches to the vertical surface. This method keeps the beer line cold all the way to the tap and is the best for reducing foaming.

On A Font:This method is for when you want to put the taps on a tower on your bench top, esky lid or kegerator. You will need to insulate the line from the fridge to the tap via a pool noodle or similar.

The Chrome & Brass Intertap: These are a solid budget option and will do the job in most circumstances. You need to ensure the line is left long to slow the liquid flow before it reaches the tap to avoid foam.

The Stainless Flow Control: These are top quality taps with the advantage of being able to control the flow of liquid at the tap so you always get the perfect pour. It means you can cut the lines shorter in tight spaces and can adjust for difference in temperature and carbonation.

Mini Regulator

Uses 16g disposable bulbs or 400g sodastream bottlesSmall, compact and portable,Not recommended for more than 2 x 10L kegs

Full Size Regulator

Uses full size gas bottles or 400g sodastream bottles.Cheaper gas by farNot really portable (weighs 15kg with a 2.6kg gas bottle)

If you have your own kegs and a gas source the drop down menus cover the rest. All the lines, connections, adapters etc needed are included. You just have to drill a hole for the tap shank (23mm) or beer line (9mm) to go through and you should be ready to pour within the hour.

If you don't have kegs yet scroll down to add them.

If you plan to buy 50L commercial kegs full of beer you will need a coupler to suit, this can also be found below.

You can find sources of CO2 gas to match the regulator you pick and cleaning products below the kegs.

Basically everything you need to get your drink on tap is on this page!