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Size & Volume Guide


 Mini Keg Height and Volume

Here is a table providing information on the size and capacity of our mini kegs and growlers. The table displays the height of each keg, including the screw cap.

Diameter Height
2L Standard Keg 13.5cm 20cm
2L Black Insulated Keg 13.5cm 26cm
4L Standard Keg 13.5cm 35cm
4L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 29cm
5L Standard Keg 17.5cm 29cm
5L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 36cm
10L Standard Keg 17.5cm 50cm

Tap and Spear Sizes

The following measurements represent the distance from the keg's mouth to the top of the tap, provided the ball lock spear is attached, except for the Party Pump, which is a distinct unit that screws into the mouth and does not necessitate a ball lock spear.

Keg Lid Height Description Image

iKegger 2.0 Tap

(with regulator)

7.0cm Fully functional tap system upright or lying down

iKegger 2.0 Tap

(no regulator)


For even smaller storage, no gas regulator atached.

Ball Lock Spear

(top of liquid post)

6.0cm For storage, no gas input or tap attached.

Traditional Tap System

(with beer tap) 

24cm Traditional beer tap system with tap attached and lying down

Party Pump

(USB Tap)


Can only be used upright. Spout can be removed


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