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This collection of products can be filled with water to make your own sodas, you can store and carbonate beer, cider, kombucha etc. Make nitro coffee or have premade cocktails on tap. In Germany you can take one keg to the supermarket, fill it with bottled beer, get your pfand back immediately for more supplies and leave. Less trips, more safe.


  • Hammer them out to make post apocalyptic fashion wear
  • Heat water on the fire in a keg when the pans and power run out
  • Shape weapons from them
  • Cut out fishing hooks
  • Make cannon shells (need a source of gunpowder, and a cannon...)
  • Hit with flint to create fire for heating water
  • Carry water to fire for heating
  • Wheels for a nitrous powered drift trike
  • Suit of armour (4l for forearms, 5l for biceps, 10l for legs, 19l for torso)
  • Giant tin can & string telephones
  • Spittoon
  • Weight set for post apocalyptic buff body