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9 White Deer 10L Keg Package

These keg packages are used by 9 White Deer Brewery in Cork. You can ship (or hand-deliver) the empty keg and sodastream gas bottles to them and they will fill our kegs with their beer and the sodastream bottle with gas mix for reasonable pricing, their Stag Stout is pretty popular!

Please see the video below they put together using our system for dispensing stout,

Here is the video they made of unboxing our gear at the brewery

This is the most compact and reasonable stout dispensing solution in the market at the moment , also system can be used for any other beer with standard soda stream bottle (co2) and 16 g threaded co2 cartridges ,

If you'd like to go ahead with the system via above cart link , dont forget to use discount code : 9whitedeer
at the checkout , it will apply a 10% discount on the keg package.

Kit includes : 
10 L Keg with Balllock spear cap
Stainless steel flow control tap on steel quick disconnect
Stout spout
Mini regulator with check valve disconnect
Sodastream bottle adapter for mini regulator 
Sodastream bottle filled with co2(9white deer fills the bottle with gas mix for stouts)

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