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The Home Brew Kit | All Inclusive Package For Anyone

The Home Brew Kit Components

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Home Brew Kit - Option 1 (Large Keg)

Home Brew Kit - Option 1 (Small Keg)

Home Brew Kit - Option 2 (Pressure Fermenter or Not)

Home Brew Kit - Option 3 (The Tap)

Home Brew Kit - Regulator ,Connectors and Hose - Included With All Options

The Home Brew Kit - Optional Additions

Accessories - Mini Keg Cooler Sleeve | Neoprene With Shoulder Strap
Sold out
  • Handy Shoulder Strap and pockets for bulbs
  • Made of Neoprene ,keeps the keg colder longer
  • Ice can be put in under and on the top for extra chill time
Sold out
  • Enzy Brew Sodium Percarbonate for deeper cleaning
  • ChemiPro Oxi 100g
    No Rinse Sanitiser
  • Food safe Lubricant
  • Spare O-Ring Kit For Mini Keg
Accessories - Soda Stream 400g Gas Cylinder - Full
Sold out
  • 425 g of Co2
  • 1.1kg weight with the bottle
  • Swap anywhere with full one for about 9 Euros
  • Fairly Portable
  • Easy to find Swap places
Accessories - Professional Quality Portable CO2 Regulator
Sold out
  • Uses 16 g Cartridges,
  • Small and Compact
  • Light weight,
  • Perfect for taking your small keg out to the parks,lakes,BBQ
16g Threaded CO2 Cartridges / Canisters | 10 Pack
Sold out
  • 1 bulb will dispense about 5-6 L
  • Light weight ,portable Co2 source option
  • Fits directly into mini regulator


Snub Nose Fermenter and 23L Package In Brew / Transfer Mode


In the picture here you can see one of the home brew kit options (20L Plastic Keg + 5L) connected with some of the included gear to the optional 35L fermenter in one very useful configuration.

If you brew with the 35L Snub Nose (or any other pressure fermenter) with a spunding valve attached (also included in this home brew kit) during fermentation you end up with carbonated beer just using the CO2 produced while brewing. If you connect the fermenter to the 2 kegs (again all equipment is included) during brewing the CO2 produced will also flush out your kegs and pressurise them ready to be filled.

Once brewing is complete you simply increase the pressure on the regulator slightly to transfer your finished beer to the kegs, under pressure with no loss of carbonation or chance of contact with air.

You can also just walk away and let it do it's thing as with this setup the large keg will fill first, once it is full the small keg will begin filling and once either the small keg is also full or the fermenter has emptied the red ball will float in the sight glass and stop all transfers.

If you don't use a pressure capable fermenter yet, don't worry you can still easily transfer from your bucket to the kegs with this kit and then use the regulator to carbonate both kegs simultaneously.


Snub Nose Fermenter Brewing | Keg Kit Ready To Drink
The 5L Keg In Portable Mode (With Steel Tap + Optional Sleeve)
5L Mini Keg In Portable Mode (with Pluto Gun)

In the picture here you can see the kit (20L Plastic Keg + 5L) connected in the way you would drink from it.

We have disconnected the fermenter and moved the spunding valve over to it as if the next brew is on the go.

Using the same connections from the previous configuration we now have the regulator attached to the large keg and this is pushing beer into the smaller keg onto which we have a Pluto Gun tap to pour from (you can choose either this or a steel flow control tap in the package, or both).

You could leave the kegs in this configuration, which means that the small keg will always be full and ready to take with you somewhere if you have a large enough fridge.

The other option is to keep the larger keg in storage somewhere (garage, cupboard etc) and just refill the mini keg from it as needed to put in your fridge.

You can leave the larger keg disconnected from anything, the fermenter brewing away merrily and have a mini keg full of beer in the kitchen fridge or to take with you to a friends place.


Everyone Knows Bottling Sucks. End Of Story.

  • Cleaning and Sanitising Them All
  • Priming and Capping
  • Storing Them All While Waiting For Secondary To Finish
  • Breakages / Explosions / Variations In Carbonation
  • Yeast Sediment That Sets Like Glue If You Don't Rinse Immediately
  • The Mess To Clean Up The Day After Mates Come Over
  • Having To Cart A Bunch Of Bottles To A BBQ Then Bring Them Home
  • Starting All Over Again...

Why, When The Home Brew Kit Is So Easy?

  • Only 2 Vessels To Clean & Sanitise
  • No Priming or Capping
  • No Long Wait For Carbonation (Can Carbonate In 15min!)
  • No Breakages, Explosions Or Variations In Carbonation
  • Only A Couple Of Glasses To Clean After Mates Come Over
  • Mini Keg That Holds Over Half A Case Of Beer For Out & About
  • Bring Home One Clean Empty Keg Instead Of A Bunch Of Yeasty Bottles
  • Combine With The Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter - Even Easier!
    • Brew Faster with Less Temperature Control Needed
    • Carbonate During Primary Fermentation Using Produced CO2
    • Transfer to Kegs With Zero Chance Of Infection

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