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Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - 35L Uni Tank With Optional Ball Lock Posts

12 reviews

The 35L Conical Fermenter

A complete package with the fermenter and 23L premium keg package

The Fermentasaurus With Our 23L Premium Keg Package... Just Perfect!

Our motto at iKegger has always been "forget bottling".

We have made it our mission to take out the labour and headaches involved with that process and now we are taking it up a notch and simplifying the fermentation process too!

These AUSTRALIAN MADE fermenters are genuine UniTanks as they combine a lot of steps into one simple process and vessel.

The fermenter is not glass, is is a specially created plastic that transmits no flavour or chemicals, is hard to damage and is pressurisable (with the optional pressure kit)

Watch How To Do A Brew Start To Finish Using A Fermentasaurus

The Problem With Buckets

  • Transfers between containers equals more chances for infection or oxygen contact.
  • Trub (sediment) is in contact with your brew in the bucket and can alter flavour of beer if it's left sitting too long so you generally transfer the brew into a secondary vessel (bottling bucket etc) and then from there into bottles or kegs.
  • Yeast is generally wasted as it's difficult to collect for re-use without contact with air / contamination.
  • You always need to carbonate brew after primary fermentation via force carbonation or secondary fermentation.

How Does A Conical Differ?

  • With a conical there are no transfers.
  • The sediment all settles into a collection jar for easy removal.
  • You can save the yeast for your next brew or dump it out.
  • Your brew isn't sitting on the yeast sediment so you can leave it in the fermenter indefinetely until ready to bottle or keg.
  • You can replace the yeast collection bottle with the included barb outlet to fill your clarified beer directly into kegs or bottles.

What's The Pressure Kit?

  • Brewing under pressure speeds up brewing and also reduces ester production.
  • Using a spunding valve to maintain a set pressure during fermentation the brew will be carbonated once primary fermentation is complete.
  • The floating dip tube means you can draw the brew from the clearest part, the top.
  • You can attach a tap and regulator exactly as you would to a keg and serve directly from the fermenter.
  • You can transfer to keg using gas pressure with no contact with the air in minutes.

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Damian M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

All good. Actually only bought the cap as opposed to the whole Fermenter.

João P.
Portugal Portugal

it was a nice exprerience!

João P.
Portugal Portugal


Michael B.
Germany Germany
Experience with Fermentasaurus

The Fermentasaurus is a real impro ement for homebrewers. One things I have to mention is that it took me a litte time that it passed my pressure.test without leaking. User should test it in any case to avoid lekages while fermentation It would be great if the Fermentasaurus would stand hot wort in order to use it for removing the trub easiely and pitch the yeast directly after chilling. Microbiological contamination would be avoided too.

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - 35L Uni Tank With Optional Ball Lock Posts Review
Andreas T.
Germany Germany

The Fermentasaurus was delivered in only 2 dass. Also the Customer Support was Great!

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - 35L Uni Tank With Optional Ball Lock Posts Review

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