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Apollo | 30L Pressure Fermenter| Wide Mouth | Dry Hop Port & Thermowell

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New Version: Wider Mouth (115mm) and Low Height (Less Than 19L Keg)

Includes a dry hop port allowing the hygienic and easy adding of dry hops during fermentation!

Includes a stainless steel thermowell for taking the temperature of your brew where it matters, at the centre of the liquid!

Thermowell also acts as a guide for the dip tube, keeping it centred in the vessel.

Includes a stainless steel hop filter

Still has the original features

  • 30L capacity
  • Thermowell down the centre of the vessel, the temperature that matters!
  • Dry hop port for adding hops during brewing.
  • Concial shape for collecting trub with minimal contact with the wort
  • Steel frame with carry handles
  • Pressure capable up to 35psi
  • Use with a spunding valve to use CO2 produced during ferment to carbonate your beverage.
  • Floating dip tube so you get the clearest part of your brew, the top.

View our Carbonation guide for tips on force carbonating, pressure brewing and storing.

Yes, you can get your hand into it brewers!
You’ll also get: Thermowell Centralised Floating pick up tube
PRV range of 10psi(Blue), 15psi (Purple) or 35psi( Red ) 
True conical shape for minimal liquid to sediment contact
Built in tank handles strong enough to use when full
New stand design that allows for carrying the entire unit

Each Apollo Snub Nose comes with: 115mm Wide Lid for easy tank access and cleaning.

Specifications : 

Volume - 30L

Pressure rated lid - 35psi pressure release valve 

Working pressure - 35 psi

Burst pressure - Above 100 psi

Max temperature - 50 deg C

Test pressure - 70 psi

Height - 602 mm including posts

Diameter - 405mm

Please see the Spunding valve(adjustable relief valve ) and Keg Transfer Kit with Auto Stop Filler which can be added on under drop down menu above.

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