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Plastic Ball Lock Disconnects - MFL | Steckkupplungen NC mit 7/16" UNF Außengewinde

These are the standard disconnects used in our package deals.

They click on and off a ball lock post with a similar action to a garden hose, you lift the locking collar to push on or pull off.

We have 2 types of plastic disconnects available.

These ones have a MFL screw thread on them, we also have barbed ones to attach to gas line or beer line.

We also have our premium steel disconnects with MFL thread (these are much higher quality and have a 5yr warranty)

The grey (gas) disconnect attaches via a swivel adapter to our mini regulator and fits onto gas posts (marked with a line) on either the "Missionary" or "Double Ender" spears and carbonation caps.

The black (liquid) disconnect attaches to the  MFL tap shank adapter for connecting a tap to the liquid post of the "double ender" spear. The black disconnect can also be used to attach gas to the liquid post in order to force carbonate home brew more quickly.


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