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Kegerator Kit: 1-4 Taps For Use With Your Own Fridge Or Esky | Zapfanlage selber bauen

This Package Is For Building Into Your Own Fridge, Camp Fridge Or Cooler Box

Scroll Down The Whole Page To See The Steps To Build Your Own System, Easy As 1,2,3!

The fridges etc in the images above are not included. If you would like us to build you a custom fridge or cooler for you get in touch on to discuss pricing.

As Seen On Pat Callinan's 4WD Adventures

Building Your Package - Step 1: Choose Tap and Gas Options (Top of The Page)

Choose How Many Taps

The more the merrier! Whether one tap for a little 12v fridge or esky or 8 for your massive keezer build, we got you covered!

  • Each tap comes with a 100mm shank to go through the fridge wall, 1m of beer line, a liquid disconnect and 2 x clamps
  • Installing through standard fridge doors and cool box walls is easy, just drill 22mm holes where you want the taps to go. Be very careful drilling through side walls of fridges or walls of chest style fridges / freezers as you can rupture the gas lines and ruin the fridge!

Choose The Type Of Taps

Standard Chrome Brumby Taps

  • Rear sealing (tap body filled with air, can stick or grow bacteria)
  • No flow control
  • Drop pressure to get good pour, increase to store.

Stainless Steel Flow Control Taps

  • Forward sealing (no bacteria in tap body)
  • Control the flow for perfect pour
  • Maintain pressure at 12psi

Choose The Regulator Type

Mini Regulator

  • Uses 16g disposable bulbs or 400g sodastream bottles
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Not recommended for more than 2 x 10L kegs

Full Size Regulator

  • Uses full size gas bottles or 400g sodastream bottles.
  • Cheaper gas by far
  • Not really portable (weighs 15kg with a 2.6kg gas bottle)

Building Your Package - Step 2: Add Your Kegs

Sold out

18cm diameter x 39cm high with connections attached. Perfect for camp fridges and cooler boxes

Sold out

18cm diameter x 60cm high with connections attached. Perfect for bar fridges.

Sold out

22cm diameter and 66cm high with connections attached. Great for full size fridges. Cheaper as connections are built in to the keg.

Building Your Package - Step 3: Add Gas or Accessories

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

What You Need To Get Separately:

  • 1 x Fridge, 12v Camp Fridge, Chest Freezer or Cooler Box
    • 66cm Internal Height for 19L Kegs (22cm diameter)
    • 60cm Internal Height for 10L Kegs (18cm diameter)
    • 40cm Internal Height For 5L Kegs (18cm diameter)

What You Need To Do To Assemble:

  • Drill a hole through the fridge door / cooler wall for each tap.
  • Install tap shanks through the holes and connect liquid line to back.
  • Attach taps to the front of the cooler or fridge
  • Screw gas bottle into the regulator.
  • Attach gas lines and beer lines to filled kegs.
  • Pour your favourite drink on tap!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find our product faulty, have a problem with our service or just change your mind within 30 days we will refund your entire order on receiving the products back. This has never happened, you will love them!


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