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Schlauchschellen | Hose Clamps For Beer and Gas Line

Clamps to hold beer or gas line onto both barbed and MFL screw threads

Easy to use, firm holding.

Don't over tighten.

There is 2 types of clamps:

The worm drive style ones are reusable and can be tightened or loosened with a screwdriver. They don't close in a perfect circle though and could occasionally be the cause of small gas leaks.

The squeeze or stepless style clamps are single use only, they are tightened by squeezing the nipple on the side with pliers, wire cutters etc and close in a perfect circle. To remove you need to cut the clamp off, again with wire cutters or similar.

The 10.5 mm stepless clamps fit our hose when used on barbed disconnects, barb and nut adapters, tap shank barbs , T-shaped line splitters,m8 to barb adaptors for regulators outlet 

The 12.8mm stepless clamps are better for the 12 mm OD Beer and gas lines 


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