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How To Fill iKeggers At A Venue | For Venues and Mini Keg Owners

For The Mini Keg Owner

The Basics - Filling From A Beer Tap

  • Contact the venue first to check if there is any time restrictions etc as to when they can fill your keg. As it ties up a staff member and a beer tap some venues prefer not to do it in peak times.
  • Arrive with your keg clean and sanitised.
  • You can just bring the screw cap but ideally bring your spear and regulator with a gas bulb.
  • Ask the venue to chill your keg before filling to prevent foaming (foaming causes them wastage and you potentially a not completely filled keg so it's bad for both of you!)
  • If you have an insulated keg or growler ask them to chill it with the lid off (or do it yourself at home then put the lid on to come to the venue so it stays cold).
  • If you plan on finishing the keg within the next 48 hours
    • Let the venue fill your keg and put on the screw cap. Take it home and either pour from your keg or growler as needed or swap the cap for your spear and pour from the tap.
  • If you plan on taking longer than 48 hours to drink your beer
    • Ask if the venue flushes the keg with CO2 prior to filling it.
    • If they do flush with CO2, great! Let them do their thing.
    • If they don't ask for the keg back and use your regulator to flush the keg out yourself.
      • You can either turn the regulator on and put the outlet in the open mouth of the keg for a few seconds or put the spear in and connect the regulator, turn it on and pull the pressure release valve a few time.
      • CO2 is heavier than air so if you hold the keg upright and don't move it too abruptly the CO2 stays inside forming a cushion of gas the beer fills inside so it doesn't touch oxygen.
    • Either way once the keg is filled put the spear on it (rather than the screw cap) and again flush it with CO2. Then set the pressure to about 14psi.
    • You can now turn off and disconnect the regulator for transport home.

For The Venue

How You Fill Is Up To You

Some customers will search out venues that counterpressure fill, others are happy with the most basic tap fill as they plan on drinking it in the next few hours anyway.

  • Our kegs and growlers all come with a screw cap
  • Most customers will also have a keg spear which replaces the cap and gives it the same connections as a 19L homebrew keg. A ball lock quick connect post for liquid and gas and a pressure release valve.
  • You can choose to fill from a tap via the open neck using a hose on a tap so it fills from the bottom with as little splashing and disturbance as possible (the dip tube on the spear most customers have fits into many standrd beer taps if you don't have a growler filler attachment already).
  • You can fill via the liquid ball lock post into a pressurised, CO2 filled mini keg via direct transfer from a 50L keg, bright tank or tap to avoid any possible contact with oxygen, foaming or loss of carbonation.
  • Most of our partner venues fill from the tap at the bar into a CO2 flushed keg (our customers can flush it themselves prior to filling if you don't have the ability) through the open mouth with a growler fill hose.
  • Those that counterfill under pressure usually ask for the keg to be left overnight and picked up the following day.
  • We can supply equipment to fill under pressure.
  • You can see a 2min video on how to counterpressure fill one of our kegs here: https://youtu.be/AH0LNoiTzao

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