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Complete 20L Mini Keg Package | 2 x 10L Kegs, Regulator Kit and Tap | 2 x 10L Fass Set

This is the perfect mini package for the home brewer who wants a full 20L of beer, cold, carbonated and ready to drink on tap but who doesn't want to get a second fridge.

One of the 10L kegs comes with a complete tap system including chrome beer tap and mini regulator, the other 10L keg has a cap with a gas inlet on it for carbonation and storage.

Using the included chrome tap or an optional picnic tap kit you can even pour straight from the fridge with the keg laying down, thanks to the flexible dip tubes our kegs use.

pouring with the kegs laying down

The mini regulator comes with adapters to use either 16g or 74g disposable CO2 bulbs and Sodastream 400g refillable bottles like the one pictured.

The package includes everything in the picture except the sodastream bottle is optional or you can

Once your tapped keg runs out simply swap the whole tap system onto the other keg and the empty one is free to clean, refill and carbonate with your next brew / refill from brewery.

Also included is a splitter kit so you can connect the regulator to both kegs at the same time allowing you to carbonate them both simultaneously or pour from one while continuing to gas the other. In the future you could also replace the carbonation cap on the second keg with a tap kit and have 2 beers on tap at the same time.

At any point you can disconnect the gas and tap from either or both of the kegs without losing any liquid or gas pressure.


Looking at the picture above, the height of the complete package with gas connected but tap removed is 56cm. The two kegs side by side with the regulator and gas is 36cm wide. The depth of the package is 17.5cm. 

You can also connect the mini regulator directly to the keg with the tap system for a more compact and portable option. Ideal for taking one 10L keg to a BBQ while leaving the other in the fridge at home or if you have a smaller fridge and only one keg fits in at a time.


On the 28th of May we will have insulation sleeves with shoulder straps for easy carrying available to fit the 10L kegs. They also have a removable velcro pocket to hold the soda stream bottle securely in position (or to carry spare 16g canisters for a really lightweight and compact solution)

Using steel tap while keg is on it's side


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