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The Fermzilla | Pressure Fermenter 27L or 55L

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The Fermzilla 27L and 55L Fermenter | Great Design and Features at a Bargain Price

  • Large opening on top allowing for easy cleaning
  • More stable steel frame than other options
  • Large dump valve and collection bottle with gas inlets for easy CO2 flushing and dry-hopping
  • Study carry handles for moving the fermenter.
  • Watch your brew ferment with the clear, strong plastic vessel
  • Temperature controllable with optional immersion coil.
  • Optional steel or plastic pressure kit
    • Pressurise the vessel up to 35psi
    • Allows pressure transfer to kegs
    • Reduces ester production during brewing
    • Allows fermentation at higher temperature in some cases
    • Floating dip tube means beer is taken from the clear top of the brew leaving behind sediment
    • Recommend using hop filter  attached to floating dip tube
    • Using a spunding valve (adjustable relief valve) allows the CO2 produced during fermentation to be used to carbonate the brew.
    • See the Fermzilla Jacket  to be completely light tight, which protects from harmful UV lights and prevents light stuck beer.

The standard lid has a simple air lock that allows CO2 to escape during brewing but no air to get in.

The airlock can be replaced with plastic or steel posts with valves and a floating dip tube.

These are the same connection as most home brew kegs and allow the benefits listed above.

The black ports on the collection bottle can also have these posts installed allowing easy connection of gas etc.

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Manfred C. A. Kievel
Germany Germany

Bis jetzt erst zur Probe befüllt

Macht alles einen wertigen Eindruck. Mit Druck-kit bestellt und erst mal verzweifelt, weil das Ding nicht dicht zu bekommen war. Als ich dann aber die verdrehte Dichtung gefunden hatte ging alles glatt. Ich freue mich auf meinen ersten Test am nächsten Wochenende

Ulrich D.
Germany Germany

Great equipment for home brewer

I bought the Fermzilla 27L with this equipment and I am thrilled with it. Ulrich

Andrejs L.
Latvia Latvia


instant delivery :)

Andreas N.
Germany Germany

Impressive Result

I must say that I am positively surprised by Fermzilla with Pressure Kit. The assembly was quick and easy, as it only needed to be completed.After the obligatory cleaning, the wort was poured directly into the kit and the yeast was added. After the obligatory cleaning, the wort was poured directly into the kit and the yeast was added. The fermentation was very active, but without anything overflowing or leaking. Everything remained tight! After one week, the wine was bottled, which also went off without any problems. With the help of the pressure set this could be done without much contact with oxygen. It was also great that the beer could be bottled without much lees and yeast. With the help of the yeast container I could even harvest the yeast and will use it again. At the end of the day I had to clean it, which was very easy because of the handling and the big opening. Because the container is transparent, you can easily see where you still have to clean. All in all I can only give positive feedback (until now). If the next fermentations will be like this I will surely buy at least one more Fermzilla.

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Fermzilla | Pressure Fermenter 27L or 55L ReviewiKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Fermzilla | Pressure Fermenter 27L or 55L Review
A iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) Customer
Aron P.
Germany Germany

Overall Happy

Super nice to be able to see the beer bubbling, also perfect size for me, never had leakage so far, dry hopping works a treat, plus its definitely a nice looking living room accesoire :D

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) The Fermzilla | Pressure Fermenter 27L or 55L Review

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