Ikegger 2.0 | Multi Gas - Mini Regulator

  • Pour carbonated drinks like beer or G&T and nitro drinks like espresso martinis without changing anything except the gas bulb.

see the iKegger 2.0 Remote Gas Line & Larger Gas Bottles Adapters 

You ll find the adapter options fro different bottles under drop down menu on the above link .

  • The regulator includes the steel disconnect, built in swivel adapter, one way valve for using the keg lying down.

If you like to use this multi gas mini regulator along with your exisiting Stainless steel tap ( ikegger flow control tap -Nukatap-intertap ) , Stout Spout would be a great add on to dispense espresso martini-nitro coffee-stouts and any other shaken cocktails and Nitro drinks,


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