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iKegger 2.0 Adapter for 2.2L CO2 & Nitrogen Gas Bottles

*Only includes the adapter for the gas bottle! You will need to have the Sodastream and Remote gas line package to set it up as shown with the line between the keg and regulator!

For a much larger and cheaper source of CO2 or Nitrogen you can use the iKegger 2.0 regulator with 2.2L disposable gas bottles (these are available from us and you local plumbing or welding supply shop).

Simply screw this adapter into the threaded inlet on the iKegger 2.0 regulator and screw in the gas bottle (the bottle have a valve and can be removed at any time without leaking if you want to swap back to bulbs for portablility.

You can get the gas bottles here:

*DANGER: DO NOT USE THIS ADAPTER WITH OUR OLDER-STYLE MINI REGULATOR AND NITROGEN GAS BOTTLES. Nitrogen bottles have a much higher internal pressure and will break our older style regulators (if your mini regulator has a bolt labelled 1.8k on the back of it, it can't handle the pressure of Nitrogen. You can use it with the CO2 bottle though)

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