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Beer Tap Fonts | 1 or 2 Tap Towers

Build Your Perfect Tap Font

Choose how many taps you want from the list.

One tap and two tap towers are available in this style.

A larger number of tap fonts are available however they are much more expensive and special order only, contact us if you are interested in flooded fonts, T bar fonts etc.

Choose your inclusions for your font from the drop-down list above:

1. Bare font - this is just the steel tube with a rubber gasket and cap for the top. It is ready to screw to your bench or fridge and is lined with insulation. You will need to get a short shank, beer line, and connections separately.

2. With Shank, Line and Disconnect - this is the font as above but with the shank inserted to attach your own tap to. From the rear of the shank is push fitting connectionto 1.5m of 4mm internal beer line and on the end of that a liquid disconnect. You will need to add your own tap.

3. With Brumby Tap - As above but a complete kit including a budget chrome and brass tap.

4. With Flow Control Tap - The complete kit but with a high-quality stainless steel flow control tap. These are excellent for controlling how fast your beverage pours and how much head it pours with on the fly. You can use our stout spout with these taps for pouring stout, nitro coffee, espresso martini, whiskey sour etc on tap.

Here is the link to the Drip Tray to go with these towers 
Drip Tray Cutaway

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