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The Fermzilla | All Rounder 30L Pressure Fermenter

The Fermzilla All Rounder 30L Fermenter | Great Design and Features at a Bargain Price

  • Large opening on top allowing for easy cleaning
  • More stable steel frame than other options
  • Sturdy carry handles for moving the fermenter.
  • Watch your brew ferment with the clear, strong plastic vessel
  • Temperature controllable with optional immersion coil.
  • The All Rounder also fits in most (small) fridges. So you can directly tap carbonated, cooled beer out of the FermZilla All Rounder.
  • Optional steel or plastic pressure kit
    • Pressurise the vessel up to 35psi
    • Allows pressure transfer to kegs
    • Reduces ester production during brewing
    • Allows fermentation at higher temperature in some cases
    • Floating dip tube means beer is taken from the clear top of the brew leaving behind sediment
    • Using a spunding valve (adjustable relief valve) allows the CO2 produced during fermentation to be used to carbonate the brew.
    • See the Fermzilla Jacket  to be completely light tight, which protects from harmful UV lights and prevents light stuck beer.

The standard lid has a simple air lock that allows CO2 to escape during brewing but no air to get in.

The airlock can be replaced with plastic or steel posts with valves and a floating dip tube.

These are the same connection as most home brew kegs and allow the benefits listed above

The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package - iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch)
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spunding valve with push fittings
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