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4 L Insulated Keg | By iKegger

4L Insulated Keg        

  • Short and thick at 17.5cm diameter and 30cm tall
  • 304 stainless steel - 5yr warranty
  • Stackable design with easy carry handles built in
  • This is the perfect size for throwing in the cooler box and taking to the park.
  • We find that the 4L Johnsons are great as they fit in many fridge doors and easily lying down on a fridge shelf however they are too tall to stand upright in most standard sized coolers.
  • Complete packages for carbonated drinks like beer and cider like the ones pictured here Build Your Own CO2 Package
  • Complete packages for nitrogen infused drinks like coffee and cocktails Build Your Own N2 Package
5l keg with premium tap system

4L insulated Keg Alone

  • 4L volume or 12 standard beer bottles
  • At half the weight and size of the same amount of liquid in glass bottles these are really portable!
  • Made from food grade stainless steel these kegs are impossible to break. (5 year warranty)
  • Handles are built in, curved surfaces and easy to grip.
  • Kegs are a stackable design for ease of storage
  • You can do secondary fermentation in them or force carbonate your home brew.
  • 17.5cm diameter, 30cm high (taps add approx 20cm to height)

4L insulated Keg With Ball Lock Spear

  • Add to your existing cornelius keg system (19L syrup kegs) as they have the same standard connections
  • Use ball lock disconnects to connect this keg between the 19L keg and the tap and you little keg will always be full, ready to take with you!
  • Finish your larger keg and still have beer on tap while you clean and refill your 19L keg.
  • Ball lock posts for liquid and gas
  • Gas bleed valve for burping the keg.
  • Expand the storage of your complete system and swap the tap and regulator between kegs.

4L Insulated Keg With Basic Picnic Tap

  • A budget tap system best used for picnics / hiking etc
  • Tap system only weighs 200g
  • 16g disposable CO2 bulbs maintain carbonation and push out your drink
  • Not a regulator, push the button to inject gas when needed
  • Plastic picnic tap on flexible hose is ideal for sitting in the middle of a table and sharing.
  • For our higher quality and fully featured tap systems check out our build your own mini keg kits

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