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19L AEB Druckfass | Cornelius Home Brew Keg | iKegger

19L AEB Cornelius Home Brew Keg  

cornelius keg for home brew from iKegger

  • Brand new, 19L home brew kegs
  • Also known as "corny kegs"
  • Made with a robotic orbital welding machine these have super smooth welds for easy cleaning and the best possible hygiene.
  • Pressure rated for up to 130psi they will take just about any punishment you can throw at them, they are covered by a 5-year warranty.
  • Easy to grip rubber handles and base to prevent damage to floors and fridge interiors. 
  • Stop bottling, wash this home brew keg out with some no-rinse sanitiserand do your whole brew in minutes.
  • The Italian made AEB kegs have standard ball lock disconnects for liquid and gas as well as a bleed valve for overpressure release. 
  • The AEB keg connections are the same as our other mini kegs when used with the double ball lock spear, making our entire range linkable and taps and gas systems interchangeable
mini cornelius keg add on kit from ikegger.


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