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BrewArt BeerDroid | 10L iKegger Package With Filling Kit To Match

We are not affiliated with BrewArt in any way. This package was purely designed due to the number of requests we were receiving for a package that matched the BeerDroid system.

You can see our review of their system here

This package includes:

  • 1 x 10L Stainless Steel Keg (5yr warranty)

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Spear with Standard Homebrew Connections (so you can incorporate it in existing or future keg systems)

  • Premium Stainless Steel Flow Control Tap (5yr warranty)
  • Professional Quality Mini Regulator on Check Valve Disconnect (allows storing the keg lying down in the fridge)
  • Connection & Beer Line To Fill Keg From BrewDroid Tap (using standard readily available connections)
  • Insulation Sleeve For Keg (so you can take your homebrew to a BBQ)
  • One Sodastream gas bottle (enough to carbonate and dispense 4 x BeerDroid brews)
  • One bottle of 2min no-rinse sanitiser (enough to sanitise both your keg kit and droid for more than 80 brews!)


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