Nitro Coffee On Tap At Home.
Healthy, Cheap & Energising

David Thackray - Product Design and Testing

We just got it, but already loving it. I need 4 nitro canisters for our 4L brew in a 5L keg fyi.
Simon McCormack
Great product! great support!
The perfect tool to enjoy a nitro cold brew coffee!
Sofia T.
Awesome gear!
Great service by ikegger ... love my nitro coffee/cocktail setup! easy use incredible results and perfect to take out,,, :)
G. Hoffman

Coffee On Demand For You Or The Whole Office

Reduce your cafe-bought coffee bill by 90%

Make one batch per week in 10min, have iced latte, cold brew or nitro coffee on tap all week for up to 6 people.

Then It's Friday!

The same mini keg system is perfect for shaken cocktails too.

Fill a 2L mini keg with:

1.25L of coffee, vodka and kahlua = 10 espresso martinis!

1.25L of whiskey, lemon juice, syrup + egg white = 10 perfect whiskey sours!

On tap, no mess, perfect every time.

What Is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is simply coffee that has had nitrogen gas infused into it and has then been poured through a special tap to dislodge it - forming the famous Guinness-style cascading bubbles.

Why should you care?

Nitro coffee has a soft, creamy mouth feel without any milk at all - great for reducing calorie intake or avoiding animal products.

Nitro coffee is generally made with cold brew coffee which has a milder taste than espresso but with an increased caffeine content.

Cold brew coffee is super easy to make youself at home in batches of up to 9L saving you time and money!

Mini kegs that fit in many fridge doors allowing easy access to coffee as needed.

The 2L keg pictured fits 1.25L of coffee, perfect for a 5 x 250ml coffees (1 per day for the work week).

Options include sizes up to 5L and kegs that stay cold all day on the kitchen bench, beach or backyard.