Complete Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Package

The Fastest, Easiest and most Economical Way To Make and Serve Nitro Cold Brew Coffee And Cocktails

Why Cold Brew Coffee? And Why Nitrogen?

  • Cold brew coffee is exactly that, coarse ground coffee beans are infused in cold water rather than hot, this gives a milder flavour with all the caffeine and more than espresso.
  • Taking that cold brewed black coffee and infusing it with pressurised nitrogen the coffee takes on the look and texture of coffee with milk, it has a dense creme and smooth mouth feel.
  • The cold brewed coffee can be served cold, hot or as a cocktail ingredient. It is the cold vs hot brewing process that prevents the extraction of bitter flavours from the beans.
  • Using an insulated mini keg or "growler" you can have hot or cold coffee or cocktails on tap all day or night

Using The System and The Effect Of Different Gases

iKegger Equipment Compared To Others On The Market

iKegger Nitro Mini Keg Systems

Coffee On Tap Keg Packages | Nitro Coffee Kegs | Nitro Kaffee vom Fass - iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch)

Internal Liquid Capacity: 1250ml - 9000ml

Power Required: No

External Liquid Capacity: Refill the empty keg from any container.

Warranty: 5 Years

Weight: 2.5kg

External Gas Source: Yes, small bulbs or refillable gas bottle

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Brood Nitro Systems (or similar designs)

Internal Liquid Capacity: 750ml

Power Required: Yes, 220V, 334W

External Liquid Capacity: Connect other containers using optional adaptors (paid)

Warranty: 1 Year

Weight: 24kg

External Gas Source: No

Price: Approx €3400

iKegger Brew Bucket

Produces: 9L


Filter Type: 20 micon reusable nylon

Filter Closure: Incorporated drawstring

Replacement Filters: 5 x reusable €40

Price: €54.95

Toddy Cold Brew System

Produces: 9L


Filter Type: Single use paper

Filter Closure: Separate string

Replacement Filters: 50 x single use €119

Price: €139 (depending on retailer)

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Accessories - Mini Keg Cooler Sleeve | Neoprene | Fits IKegger 4L And 2L

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