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Insulated Mini Kegs | Complete Package | Premium Black Edition

23 reviews

Premium Black Mini Keg System | Beer, Coffee, Cocktails, Seltzers, Kombucha

All in One Mini Keg Solution

This package is a great gift idea for anyone. Whether they love craft beer and want to fill at their local brewery or want to make their own kombucha and serve it on tap. When you include the All In One Tap System you can serve drinks with both CO2 like beer, cider and any other carbonated drinks and you can also use nitrogen and nitrous oxide bulbs for frothy uncarbonated drinks like nitro coffee, espresso martini or whiskey sours. Want to make your own sodas or hard seltzer, easy with this kit!

Premium Black Edition Insulated Mini Keg:

  • Double-wall stainless steel construction
  • Vacuum flask design for excellent insulating properties
  • Hot or cold for up to 10 hours depending on the environment
  • Sleek look powder coated black with silver laser cut logo
  • 2L, 4L or 5L volume and stackable design
  • Unbreakable with 5yr warranty
  • Can be used with any liquid, beer, cider, kombucha, cocktails, coffee, soup...
  • Comes with a laser engraved screw cap lid with silicon seal.
  • Optionally add a ball lock spear to incorporate into existing gear or the complete All In One Tap system for both CO2 and Nitro served drinks.

Tap Options:

  1. Just Screw Cap: All options include this steel cap
  2. Ball Lock Spear: Allows using with any of our other equipment, has a liquid and gas ball lock post and a pressure release valve.
  3. All In One Premium (CO2 & Nitro): Make any drink you choose and serve it on tap! A premium stainless steel flow control tap is included that allows you to adjust the speed of pour for the perfect amount of foam. It can be disconnected at any time to shake, move or store the keg and reconnected when you want to pour. A stout spout for the tap is included for use in the nitrogen setup. A premium mini CO2 regulator is included that can dispense a carbonated drink at exactly the right pressure using 16g disposable bulbs. Also included is a injector for N2 or N2O bulbs for pouring drinks that are foamy but not carbonated, like nitro coffee, espresso martini or whiskey sours!

co2 mini keg system

Use the CO2 setup for pouring any carbonated drinks, or making your own! Combined with the premium flow control tap you will be sure of a perfect pour and with the high quality regulator you can set exactly how carbonated you want your drink to be.

nitro mini keg system

Use the nitro setup for making drinks that would usually be shaken to give a frothy head, like an espresso martini or whiskey sour. Using pure nitrogen and letting it infuse for a few hours before pouring gives a beautiful cascading head like a Guinness stout!

Which Gas To Use?

If you get the All In One tap system with your mini keg you will receive 2 of each of the 3 types of bulbs below to experiment with (and so if you give it as a gift it's ready to be used!) YOu can add more bulbs in packs of 10 using the buttons below along with some info about which is the right one for your drink of choice!

Pure Nitrogen 2g Bulbs

The choice for nitro coffee when you are after that Guinness style cascading head. Also for any drink you want that effect for but takes more bulbs than the other options to infuse and pour. 1 bulb will dispense around 500-750ml of coffee.

Pure Nitrogen 2g Bulbs | Nitro Coffee, Cocktails | PURE STICKSTOFF - iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch)
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Nitrous Oxide 7.5g Bulbs

Our choice for espresso martini as it gives a dense head that sticks around. You also use a lot less of these than if using pure nitrogen. you can mix them to experiment! 1 bulb will dispense around 3L of beverage.

mosa cream charger bulbs
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CO2 16g Bulbs

All carbonated "fizzy" drinks like beer, cider, kombucha, sodas, seltzers etc. You can also use these to make your own carbonated drinks from water or infusions etc. One bulb will dispense about 4-5L of beverage.

16g Threaded CO2 Cartridges / Canisters | 10 Pack
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Sid M.
Germany Germany
Best way to make cocktails

I kegged a Negroni in my 4L insulated and I couldn’t be happier!

Suzanna M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bought as present and very happily received!

My son was thrilled to get this for his 30th birthday party to make iced coffee margaritas, which went down a storm! The company were very good, but the big downside was the affect of Brexit on getting bit to me, as it came from Germany to Uk. It was sent off quickly but was held at the port for a week and then I got an email to tell me to pay an extra £50 tax, so it was not only more expensive, but came only just in time for his birthday, which was a bit nerve racking. But iKegger’s customer service was excellent, responding to my anxious emails immediately and following up on investigations for me very effectively.

Christian A.
Germany Germany
Super Mini-Keg

Zum Umstieg von Flaschen auf Kegs habe ich mal mit dem isolierten 5 Liter Keg gestartet. Und ich muss sagen ich bin super zufrieden. Das Bier ist über Stunden hinweg kühl und es lässt sich super zapfen. Es hat keine 2 Wochen gedauert da habe ich mir auch direkt noch den 19 Liter "Dominator" hinterher bestellt. Absolut easy in der Bedienung und nur zu empfehlen.

Fabian L.
Germany Germany
Nice Mini Keg

Einfach zu bedienen und sehr gut verarbeitet

Stephan S.
Germany Germany
A must have for every home brewer

Absolutely perfectly crafted keg. The isolation keeps your beer ice-cold for the whole day. This keg is my number 1 choice for taking my beer to friends or a party.

iKegger Pty Ltd (Europe Branch) Insulated Mini Kegs | Complete Package | Premium Black Edition Review

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