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Commercial Keg Tap Kit | 20-30-50L Keg Package

Got your hands on a 20-30-50L commercial keg of beer or cider?

Want the cheapest, easiest way to get at that delicious liquid?

Every commercial keg tap package includes a full-size regulator and soda stream adapter.

Just choose your coupler from these options:

A Type Coupler: Fits most German keg valves, and most Craft Breweries kegs

M Type Coupler: Fits Some German Keg Valves.

D Type Coupler: Most Sankey Kegs

S Type Coupler: Asahi, Heineken, Hofbrau Kegs

U Type Coupler: Guinness and Kilkenny 

Then choose your tap:

The Pluto Gun: Cheap and easy beer gun on a hose

The Flow Control Tap: Professional quality steel tap with flow control setting to allow flow rate adjustment while pouring (good for if the beer is pouring foamy!) 

*You will need a source of CO2. A full-size regulator is included, that can be used with 400g SodaStream gas bottles (one bottle will dispense around 100L) or a full size 2.6kg CO2 bottle.

if you are looking at dispensing stout all you need is gas mix bottle or soda stream bottle filled with gas mix , provided regulator is a multi gas regulator will work with gas mix for stouts,and you ll need to go with Flow control Tapping system option and add stout spout to fit on the flow control tap,

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